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Idates is a dating app device and website that sets you up for casual encounters and real relationships. Users have had great success using the service for both easy hook-ups and even serious relationships, giving members a lot of flexibility.

One of the best things about Idates is how it manages to help you connect with singles in your neighbourhood to either flirt or chat with before you start either a casual or a serious relationship. The flexibility and mobility the app gives you make it perfect for younger users!

To show you why we think Idates deserves a closer look, we review its membership, the user-friendliness of the site and the Idates mobile app, and its prices. Read on to learn more!

Our Summary

Idates is an excellent alternative to anyone who is looking to date, flirt, or chat with locals for either a casual or serious relationship but is tired of the bigger dating apps and services. They offer a great way of getting in touch with people interested in the same thing as you.

The only downside to Idates was that it is required to pay the site’s currency, coins, in order to send messages. You can still read any you receive and are free to browse through potential date matches to your heart’s content, though.

In the end, Idates is quick and easy to register with and doesn’t cost anything for signing up, even letting you get a look around before you commit to any purchases. Why not try it out for yourself to see if you can’t get lucky?

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🆓 Free profile vs paid profile review

Free membership

  • Registration and profile creation
  • 100 coins upon registration
  • Live notifications
  • Visitors
  • “Liking” profiles

Paid membership

  • Unlimited chat
  • See who likes you immediately
  • Become top profile
  • Highlight messages
  • Get top matches

💰 Coins – What they do for you

These are used to send messages with other Idates users. You will start off with 100 free when you first register. However, sending a message will require you to spend 50.

Coin-bundle costs

Enjoy up to 10% bonus with each bundle that you purchase!

How to reduce costs

Take advantage of the 10% bonus from bundle purchases

The best thing about being able to find love or flirt with real singles through the site and apps chat feature is that you can freely browse through profiles before you commit to a chat. On top of what you pay for the bundles though, you get an extra 10%!

This means more opportunity to flirt with singles to get the best chance at finding love!

✍️ Registration process and profile creation

Registering for dating with Idates is fast and most information is optional, but we feel it is best to include the following. You can also register through Facebook or your Google account, which means it will take your info directly from either Facebook or Google.

  1. Signing Up

    You will first be asked to give a username and password for the website, as well as provide a valid email account for verification purposes. After that, state whether you are a man or a woman and what gender you are looking for, followed by your age.

    Alternatively, you can register with your Facebook or Google account to just copy the data from there to Idates.

  2. Verify your account through email

    You must now go to the email account you provided and verify your account from there by clicking on the link sent to you from Idates.

  3. Build your profile up

    The rest is optional for signing up, but you will see improved odds for dating if you take some time to fill in the facts about yourself on your profile. This includes your body type, hobbies, relationship status and lifestyle choices.

  4. Upload Photographs

    Most important to start you on the right foot for dating is uploading pictures of yourself. Drag and drop pictures or upload them from your device to add them to your account.

  5. Start your search

    You’re all set to start dating now! Just return to the main page and select the age-range you would like to date in and the location to begin your dating adventures with Idates!

📱 User friendliness review

Idates dating site


Registering was very quick to do and didn’t require a lot of information, but also didn’t offer much in terms of variety for what could be added.


Navigating through the site was clean and gave a nice, user-friendly experience.


The profile was easy to set-up, but there wasn’t much to fill in, which means other profiles may not have as much detail as you would like to see.

Idates dating app

The apps features function identically to the site, so you can enjoy Idates when on the go and with little time to spend browsing.


Registering is just the same on the app and takes the same amount of time as it does on the site.


Navigating is quick, user-friendly and seamless, a real plus.

Adjusting profile

This takes almost no time to do and can be accessed anytime from any page by clicking on your profile.

✉️ Contacting users with Idates chat

Contacted other members and using the chat features requires you to spend the Idates app and site currency.

How to contact another user:

  1. Click on a user you like
  2. Select ‘Send a Message’
  3. Type out your message and click ‘Send’

Remember that this will cost you 50 Coins.

👍 Pros and cons 👎

✔️ What we like

  • Easy registration
  • Option to either like a user, send a kiss or a gift, or send a message
  • Functions well on mobile apps

❌ What we don’t like

  • Contacting and chatting with members requires you to pay
  • No subscription model to streamline process
  • Not many features

🙋 FAQs

Can I also pay with credit card? Which payment methods are there?

If you are going through the app you can only pay via your Appstore account or PayPal. This does require a credit card or bank account attached to it.

The site offers more variety in payment methods, including:
• Direct debit payment
• Credit card
• Internet banking

How can I delete my profile?

To delete your profile you will have to contact [email protected] with your user data (username and email address) so they can process your request as quickly as possible. This is the same for both the app and website.

Could I purchase a weekly or monthly VIP membership?

No, there is currently no offer for a subscription / VIP model for Idates’ app or website service. Once you have used up the purchased coins or the initial ones you start with, you will have to buy more to continue messaging.

However, this does mean that you don’t have to worry about cancellation costs or any running fees with a subscription service.

Why are my coins gone?

If you have bought these and your current balance shows that there is nothing present, 2 things may have happened:

You already spent all you bought. As a reminder, sending a message always costs 50, and the “TopChat” will use an additional 20.

You/Your bank has cancelled the purchase and there is an existing outstanding balance that needs to be paid first. You can contact support in this case: [email protected]

My purchased coins were not unlocked.

There may be a moment between when you make your purchase and when you will be able to spend these coins. If they have not been unlocked after 2 hours, make sure to send the invoice to [email protected] to resolve the issue.

Note that if you paid through your own Appstore account or PayPal, confirmation is always sent to you. This confirmation is used to check why your purchase has not been unlocked yet and to then manually unlock them.

Can I also earn coins?

No, there is currently no such offer on Idates for users to earn any currency to spend on the site. You must purchase these.

Why can’t I send any messages?

Sending messages requires you to spend the website’s currency, which are coins. There is no free way to earn them and each message will cost you 50, so make sure you have enough in your account.

I have a match and cannot chat for free.

The Terms and Conditions states that sending messages will always cost you the site’s currency. Matches indicate that the users involved share mutual interests and that contacting each other might be worthwhile.

I am already in contact with someone, but I cannot chat for free.

Sending messages will always cost you per message sent, regardless of how long you have been chatting with the person, be it on the app or over the website.

ℹ️ Company information

Idates is owned by Boranu Online B.V., located at Frans Erenstraat 14A, 5921VG Venlo, Netherlands.