How do you flirt in your fifties?

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Reigniting that flame

Have you hit that point in your life where you may be a bit worried about what your dating possibilities are? Maybe you are feeling a bit out of the game and were wondering if you could even catch someone’s eye again at all. Before you dive into the world of online game and search for the best dating sites for over 50, you would be well advised, to revise the rules of the game first.

You might be surprised to learn that not only are you not the only person to have these kinds of concerns, but that you can, in fact, still catch someone’s eye!

Flirting is something that can help you reinvigorate your love life by giving you confidence, letting you have a little fun, and helping you to test the waters in a potentially new casual or serious relationship. In a nutshell, flirting is one of those first ways we get to know someone intimately.

But how do you get back into flirting if you haven’t done it for a while? Will the same flirting habits you had at 25 still work in your fifties? Read on to learn how you can get back into flirting and what kind of tips you can utilize to increase your odds of finding romance! If you wanna go one step back make sure to find out how to start dating again at 50?

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Flirting for people over 50

The first thing that you should remember when you start to flirt again is that you really need to have fun with it. Someone who is trying to take flirting too seriously will struggle with it a bit. Having fun with how you flirt encourages you to relax and accept a stumble here and there, which is fine.

No one starts off flirting perfectly, and that is perfectly normal. You will make a few mistakes and may even feel a little embarrassed now and again. This is a natural thing to have happen, so don’t worry about it and keep trying. If you are having fun, so will your catch, and that’s all that matters.

The next thing to do is be confident about yourself. Don’t get caught up in your age or looks. Someone who is flirty can still catch another person’s attention despite some of the things you might have thought would be a hindrance. Sometimes, it can even be because of those traits they like you!

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Flirting online and flirting in person

There are two different ways you can really flirt with a man or a woman in this modern day and age, that being in person and over an online site or app.

When flirting in person, it is important to keep three rules in mind:

  • Maintain eye contact – this instinctively shows the other party that you are interested in them and would like to interact in some way or another. People are naturally drawn to someone who is focused on them, so when you look at someone and make eye contact, they’ll have trouble not focusing on you!

  • Wear a smile – a smile shows that you are open and friendly, and that you would like to encourage a conversation. It also shows that you are happy to be speaking with the person in question, which invites interest to maintain a conversation.

  • Think about what to say – choosing your words is important, as you want to keep your flirting to something light and accessible. Be complimentary and invite them to talk about themselves a bit. It’s a good opportunity to get to know the person before things go any further.

When you are flirting online, you should follow a general rule of polite but upbeat chatting. Send messages to the other person that are friendly and complimentary. Remember to ask about them and get them chatting!

Of course, the rule for flirting over 50 too is that you want to include a little bit of sexual innuendo in your flirts, so make sure to spice up your conversations a bit whether you are online or in person!

Where to go from there?

No need for too much detail, of course! If things go smoothly and you feel confident that the other person is interested, then take things further in a way that is comfortable for you and the other person. If sex is what you both have in mind, then find a way to facilitate that.

Go at a speed that’s best for you, and don’t be afraid to put on the brakes or apply a little speed when you feel it is appropriate.