Make the First Date a Great One: The Best Date Ideas for Seniors

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When it comes to dating in one’s golden years, seniors have found that online dating sites have revitalized romance for an entire age group like never before. However, coming up with date ideas as a senior can be tricky for those who haven’t been dating in a while. 

That’s why we’ve got some relationship advice to help you plan out your first or next big date, especially if you are having trouble coming up with anything. Read on to learn tips on where you can go, when to bring up intimacy, and how you can meet other single seniors. 

Feeling intimidated by the thought of dating at an older age? Here are some of the many reasons why finding love later in life is better!

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Date to your strengths and interests

The first thing you need to do is take a look at your own interests and tastes. What do you enjoy doing and what do you know a lot about? A great first date is one where the both of you enjoy yourselves and each other’s company, so consider the things you like to do first. 

Of course, you will want to plan around what your date might like to do and, more important for seniors, what your date is able to do. That said, once you’ve narrowed down the things you would want to do and feel capable of doing, here are some suggestions to help: 

Great date ideas for adventurous seniors

If you are more adventurous and you believe your date would enjoy going out for something a little out of the ordinary, then you can try to think outside the box. These ideas are also focused on physical mobility, but can be done by anyone regardless. 

First, why not try a dance class? Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it’s a great way to get to know someone personally and can be exhilarating. You can also think about taking your date to a fairground to ride a ferris wheel or even some more exciting rides. 

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If you both want to get out and about, there’s also taking your date out for a long hike. It’s a great opportunity for a double date too if you can manage to find partners to go along with you. Depending on where you go and what you see it can be a really exciting time. 

If you think you are both up to it, try taking your date out for something like bumper cars or go karts. It’s not only unexpected for a senior date, but it can be a fun and memorable time. 

Fun dates for foodies

For seniors who fancy themselves as foodies, people who enjoy delicious meals, a dinner date with some of your favorite foods is a classic tried-but-true date idea. It’s a great way to get to know someone, gives you something to do, and can be a lot of fun. 

However, if you want to spruce it up a bit you could always try a cooking class as a first date. This not only gives you an enjoyable eating experience, but can teach you something new. Plus, it’s a fun way to get to know someone. 

If you aren’t feeling so adventurous, then we would also recommend a wine tasting. So long as the both of you are okay with a little drinking, it can be a fun yet laid-back way to get to know each other. 

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Senior dating that will please lovers of culture

Seniors who enjoy a bit of culture as they get to know one another might want to take their time and soak in some of the finer things in life as they get to know their date. A leisurely walk through an art gallery can be a measured and enjoyable first date. 

If you prefer being outdoors, then a stroll through some botanical gardens is also a great way to learn about each other and enjoy some fresh air. It’s also a beautiful setting for a budding romance for people of all ages. 

However, if you would like to enjoy a bottle of wine as you and your date get to know each other, live music at a bar or café can be an excellent choice. Something like jazz or lounge music are perfect for setting the mood for a great romantic start. 

Date night ideas for those who are young at heart

What about if you feel like you’re young at heart and need some excitement? Finding the balance between your own youthful energy and the reality of being 50+ can sometimes be tricky to know what does and doesn’t make for a good date

If you and your date have a good sense of humor, a comedy show can be a fun way to enjoy a night out. You can even trade jokes yourselves with one another as you go out on the town afterward. 

If you’re more inclined to the musical side of things, you can take your date out to a fun karaoke bar and enjoy serenading one another. Whether you are any good or not shouldn’t really matter, as the point is to have fun! 

You can also take your date out for bowling or other fun sporting events. A good game is a great way to enjoy one another’s company as you either participate or take in all the action.

First date ideas for seniors living in an elderly living institution or are physically impaired

Of course, the dating scene on senior dating sites isn’t just focused on those who can get out and enjoy themselves. Plenty of daters are those living in assisted living or aren’t as mobile as they used to be. However, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a fun date either! 

If you can get around locally, going to a local farmer’s market can be a fun way to socialize. Not only is it an attractive place to take someone to walk around and enjoy some ice cream with, but it’s a good opportunity to meet people too. 

Otherwise there are social events catered to by many assisted living homes where you can enjoy meeting up and chatting, playing games, or playing games. And, if you’re both night owls, you can always enjoy stargazing together. 

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Some tips for your first in-person date

Many seniors who start dating again may be doing so after a long hiatus. This could be for a variety of reasons, but whatever the case it is vital that you only really start to date again when you are comfortable to do so. Your well-being is a priority, so make it one. 

If you are starting out dating somewhere familiar, like your hometown, then make an effort to treat your date to something nicer than the usual fare. You don’t need to break the bank for a first date, but dress nicely and go someplace a little more upscale if you go for dinner.

You also don’t need to blow your date’s mind away. It’s good to leave a nice impression, but don’t overdo it. Lavishing gifts onto your date can scare them away if they aren’t prepared for it after having just met you. Save that for when you want to make them a loved one, instead. 

Most importantly, move at a pace that works for you. Don’t rush a relationship because your date wants you to, and don’t feel pressured into anything. It can be good to put yourself out there in ways you aren’t always used to, but don’t go out of your way to be uncomfortable. 

Should you get intimate on the first date?

When you are approaching the end of your first date and the endorphins are rushing to your head, you might be thinking that this can work as a first time for intimacy with your partner. Honestly, it may just very well be the case. 

There’s no hard set answer on when you should be intimate with your date after just having met them. However, take a moment to read the room and try to get an idea for how your date is feeling. If you think they are interested and you are comfortable being intimate, go for it. 

From your first kiss to the first time you have sex, go at a pace that works for the two of you. Don’t feel pressured and don’t pressure your date into anything. 

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How to meet single seniors online and offline

If you want to make the most of technology and enjoy great opportunities for meeting seniors, then online dating is the way to go. Services like eHarmony,, and Silver Singles are all great platforms for mingling with other interested single seniors. 

After all, online dating is one of the most popular ways for couples to meet for a relationship nowadays. For seniors who make up a large portion of their user base, online dating services are ideal for facilitating working, meaningful relationships. 

If you would prefer meeting people offline as a senior, then make the most of cultural events that are going on around town: art shows, parades, farmer’s markets, cafes, fairs, and anything related to community events. Be as sociable as you can and attend events that you are able to. 

Part of dating is meeting people, and in order to do that in the real world you do need to go out there and meet up with large gatherings of people. If you live in an assisted living home, attend social events in the home and get to know the other residents there. 

If you feel like your options aren’t ideal there, then we would recommend online dating in this case.