How do I date at 60?

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Getting back into the dating game

If you are a senior who is looking to get back into the world of dating but is having concerns that leave you reserved about getting started, then not to worry. Not only can you rest assured that many seniors grapple with this issue as they start up their dating lives again, but that they also succeed.

One of the major reasons for seniors seeing so much success when it comes to sparking new romances is thanks to the growth of dating sites for over 60 singles. These online services cater to seniors and make finding and meeting up with other seniors looking for romance easy.

Whether you are looking from the comfort of your home or with a mobile app, these senior dating websites are designed to help you find other local seniors who want the same thing as you do, even if you may be feeling a little rusty with your dating know-how.

For any of you who are wondering, “Is there a free dating site for seniors?”, then not to worry, there are many options for you to explore if you want to simply test the waters or keep to a budget. If you wonder “Do dating sites work for seniors?”, know that seniors are very successful with online dating.

Without any further ado, we want to explain to you some of the differences you might notice when you begin to date again at 60+ before we get into some of the details on how you can date at 60!

What may have changed since you last started dating

Dating at 60 and up is a lot like dating at any other age, but there are some key differences that people in this age group should be aware of when they jump back into the dating pool again.

It doesn’t really matter how old either of you are

Age is always a thought that is on people’s mind no matter how old or young they are, but for seniors looking to start a relationship, it isn’t the firth thing that comes to mind when they look for a partner. Seniors most often are interested in a person’s personality, their health, what kind of values they have, and their family.

Finding a partner rather than a spouse

When it comes to relationships, marriage is often the end game for many couples. However, while it may also be true for some seniors, the reality is that many are looking for companionship in their twilight years.

Experience is there

While you might be worried about some of the disadvantages an advanced age has on your potential to date, the truth is that your life experience is worth much more, and outweighs your age with a lot of positive value.

What you want out of life has grown alongside you

As you get older, what you wanted out of life as a younger person will have undoubtedly changed. You may have shifted your goals and have already met them and have led a successful life. The same is true for your partner, and so as you both potentially face something like retirement, your goals in life will both be different.

You probably won’t come first

This is inevitable, as most people who are 60+ have extended families and their priorities will undoubtedly place them above you. But you should also remember that this applies to you as well, and so don’t feel as if any partner you start dating needs to be your top concern.

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Some dating ‘rules’ that apply to seniors, online and offline

No matter where you decide to look for someone to date, there are a few things that you should remember when beginning to date again. Remember though, everyone’s experience is unique, and you may find it okay to bend or break a few of these rules.

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  • Avoid focusing on negatives – even if the two of you can bond over a shared experience of loss or pain, it isn’t a healthy way to start a relationship. Focus on the positives and the things that make the two of you happy.

  • Be flexible and open – keep in mind that both you and your partner will have times that they can’t focus on you, such as when they are with family or friends. Be happy with the companionship you two share so long as it is satisfactory for you both.

  • Don’t rush – it may be tempting to jump the gun with a new partner if you are both feeling like you may not have a lot of time to spend together, but take the time to really get to know each other. You both will have things that may slow you down, and as long as you are both considerate of that there’s no reason you both can’t be happy getting to know each other at a pace that is good for you both.

Some ways to meet other senior singles

So how do you go about meeting other senior singles? Well, there are a few ways to go about it. Here are a few places to meet someone to start dating:

  • Attend community events
  • Start taking a class for seniors
  • Begin a new hobby
  • Check out online dating

As we’ve mentioned, online dating is one of the most effective ways for seniors to meet other single seniors to start dating, and so we highly recommend this option.

In any case, you will want to be open and honest with potential partners. Don’t try to be something you aren’t, as it will be obvious soon enough that you aren’t the person you build yourself up to be. However, people who are honest will be able to cut through any nonsense and get straight to dating.

Don’t be afraid to make the first move. Take a risk and start a conversation. Ask them about their relationship status and if they would be interested in meeting you for a date.

When you do speak to someone, make clear why you are asking them out and what your intentions are. Don’t be afraid to get rejected, it happens, and just because you don’t date doesn’t mean you can’t get to know them.

Dating can be complex, but if you take the time to approach your potential date in a way that is honest and open and you are clear about your intentions, then you should be able to start dating in no time at all.