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E-hookups is the best way for Bisexuals to have a sex-date! Visit Hundreds of Profiles and Have Sex with Girls & Boys in your Neighborhood.
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During 10+ years in the online dating industry, thousands of our members have found love on the JollyRomance platform, and some have even started families. Hundreds of single men and women join every day, so you have chance to find the love of your life here. 
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Join the world's fastest-growing matchmaking service, with over 16 million members. Take the free personality test and find your perfect partner today!
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iDates - flirt on the go! Match and have fun with people all over the world or find your Match around the the corner via local search.
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Academic Singles
Academic Singles offers to meet and network with highly educated singles who are likewise interested in a serious relationship.
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Looking for different dating sites?

More and more people are identifying as bisexual, yet mainstream dating apps are rarely built for those looking to meet men or women. Often designed with straight people in mind, those seeking for a partner can sometimes have people who are heterosexual come up in their results, and that’s where bisexual dating sites come in.

Offering a perfect way to meet like-minded singles who are either bi-curious or who are already open about their bisexuality, some of the top dating apps help you find everything from couples dating to non-monogamy relationships. If you’re more interested in love than just a hook up, you’ll be able to find the dating app or website that meets your needs.

With plenty of online services emerging, it makes meeting an open-minded partner with the same preferences as you easier. Specifically created for those interested in bi female dating, women seeking bi men and even men hoping to meet bi-curious men in their area, you’ll be more likely to find your ideal match.

Some of the best apps are starting to gain attention, and many mainstream dating sites are releasing features to make it simpler to find other members, so there’s no better time to sign up and get started.

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Reasons why it’s harder being bisexual

Even though society is becoming much more open about it, there are still certain stigmas and misconceptions that surround bisexuality. Whether it’s from the queer community or even from friends and family, the common misconception is that sexuality is binary and that you’re either straight or gay.

Despite bisexuals being the biggest group under the LGBT umbrella, it doesn’t get as much exposure as gay dating and lesbian dating, with many people still not understanding what it is all about.

Many bisexuals often don’t feel particularly welcome at Gay Pride events, as they can experience disparaging remarks about bisexuality being just a phase and even asked about their sexual history. Dating sites are a great way to make friends and get support from the community.

Bisexual girl looking for LGBT relationship on dating site

Why bisexual is more fun

There are plenty of reasons why being it is more fun, and why you should join a dating site.

Doubling the dating pool

Being bisexual and having the capacity to be attracted to both your gender and other genders than your own gives you even more of an opportunity to find your ideal match.

Breaking boundaries

Bisexual erasure still exists in both the gay and straight community and is when the existence or legitimacy of it is questioned. As a bisexual, it’s fun to continually break down boundaries and help others accept sexual identities in all their forms.

Defying stereotypes

Being bisexual doesn’t automatically make you promiscuous. Many people are very monogamous and are not only interested in ambisexual hookups. It’s enjoyable to defy stereotypes, and the advance of dating apps makes it easier to find other singles who are seeking for the same type of relationship as you.

How can bisexuality change your sex life forever?

It can shape your sex life. Whether it’s increased sexual open-mindedness, being more communicative about what you like or being more self-aware, experiencing sex with different genders can change your sex life for the better.

Monogamy versus hook up culture?

Being bi-curious doesn’t automatically mean you’re monogamous, just as it doesn’t mean you’re only into the hookup culture either. Unlike senior dating, which is often much more traditional, some bi curious dating sites have shaped a hookup culture. This is when casual sexual encounters are accepted and encouraged, without there being any need for emotional attachment or long-term commitment.

Before you join a 100% free bisexual dating site or dating app for a bisexual romance, it’s worth thinking about what you want to get out of participating. You’re unlikely to find a hook up on a relationship app, and vice versa.

Not every single person is thinking about marriage or a steady relationship, and sometimes you just want to match with someone for a casual fling. You can choose to join marriage-minded sites, or you can find compatible bi-sexual singles with the dating website’s easy-to-use search tool for a no-strings encounter.

If you decide that you’d prefer a hook up rather than anything more serious, there are specific dating sites you can join to help you connect with bisexual singles that you’re more likely to click with. You must trust the site you want to use so that you can enjoy a safe and secure online dating experience. Double check the site’s privacy policy, terms of use, and that you’re protected from scams if you forgot your password.

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