Lesbian Dating: How to tell if she’s interested?

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Reading the signs of lesbian/bi girls to tell when they are into you

In 2024, there are compelling reasons why one should not hide their sexual orientation, including being a lesbian. Societal attitudes have evolved, and there is increasing acceptance and support for diverse sexual orientations. Openly expressing one’s identity fosters authenticity, self-acceptance, and mental well-being. Visibility also plays a crucial role in challenging stereotypes and promoting understanding within communities. Embracing one’s identity empowers individuals to build meaningful connections, both personally and professionally, as it encourages an environment of acceptance and inclusivity. Moreover, being open about one’s sexual orientation contributes to the broader movement for LGBTQ+ rights and representation, fostering a society that values diversity and respects individual rights to love and live authentically.

If you aren’t sure whether another woman is interested in you, one of the most surefire but subtle ways to check is to see if they are making direct eye contact with you. Once or twice can be a coincidence, but if you are seeing it regularly then there is definitely some interest there.

But there’s more than one way to tell if she’s into you:

  • If she is frequently looking for ways to talk to you, topics to talk about, or wants to ask you questions, there’s a good chance that she’s being more than just friendly. Go ahead and answer her questions and chat her up as much as you want. Show her you are interested too.

  • If she looks for reasons to sit next to or across from you. Whether you are grabbing lunch or just sitting at a park with friends if you happen to notice that there’s a pattern try approaching her about meeting up, just the two of you.

  • One of the biggest signs is if she’s constantly touching you in light, friendly ways. It can be a hand on your knee or hugs that go on for just a moment longer than with other friends. If you happen to notice her going out of her way to touch you, she’s giving you a clear sign of interest.

  • She tells you about her queer experiences and is especially interested in yours. This isn’t necessarily a sign that she’s into you, but it can be a good indicator if you are getting along well.

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It is also possible that other lesbians or women who are bi may not show their interest openly. There can be a range of how open they are about this, from subtle glances to direct contact. This is why it is important to recognize some of the cues that they can be giving you.

However, it is possible that she may be doing certain things unintentionally, and is not actually interested in you. Pay attention to these kinds of signs and go the extra distance to ask around and see if she might be interested.

But what if you are using the best lesbian dating sites out there? Or maybe you have installed a lesbian dating app? You may still find yourself in situations where you just don’t know. Read on to learn about how you can tell if she is into you when you are online!

How do you find a lesbian relationship on online dating sites?

Being online can make a big difference when it comes to looking for subtle cues. In many ways, however, it is a lot more direct: someone who is into you will find ways to use the online service features to drop hints. This can be sending you emojis, liking your profile, or commenting.

Dating apps and services tend to be more direct anyway. If she’s really into you she will eventually send you some sort of message trying to get to know you. This can be just making an effort to start a conversation, if she’s not being blunt!

A big give away is if she takes the time to go through your profile and learn a bit about you. When she is using that as a way to get to know you better, you can be certain that she is into you! Take the time to reciprocate by learning about her and reaching out to her yourself!

What to do if she’s actually not into you?

Mistakes can happen and it’s a tricky business when it comes to dating. This is especially the case if it turns out she’s not a lesbian or bi. Assuming she’s a reasonable person, the most practical thing to do is also the best approach: be upfront about it and explain that you were getting mixed signals.

She could just be an outgoing, touchy-feely kind of person. It happens, and misreading these kind of interactions is common enough. The important thing to remember is that you’re both adults and there’s no reason to let a misunderstanding get in the way of a friendship.

No matter how she reacts, be open and direct with your feelings. If she’s been giving the wrong signals don’t be embarrassed and don’t feel let down. However, if she is into you, then getting onto the same page can help both of you overcome a lot of uncertainty quickly.